What Is SafeCeiver?

The SafeCeiver 1-way radio communication deviceThis is the SafeCeiver. It is a 1-way radio device that communicates with multiple receivers — typically earpieces — so you can communicate instructions and information to many people at the same time. This is helpful in emergency situations for 2 reasons:


1. The information travels from you to them without interruption or confusion. When seconds count, you can't afford questions or confusion.


2. The communication is kept between the person giving instructions and the people who are meant to receive the instructions. This prevents panic and the sharing of vital information with unwanted persons.


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The Evac Pack is a classroom emergency preparedness kit that is portable and battery-operated

The SafeCeiver Program 

The SafeCeiver provides safety response teams, faculty, and staff discreet, real-time instructions and infomation using the most current two-way radio systems on site. SafeCeiver is easy to use just follow these steps: 


Step 1: Fire or Alarm code is activated


Step 2: Insert 1 AAA battery into the SafeCeiver and insert earpiece. 


Step 3: Verify display is active and listen for instructions from the principal or safety coordinator. 


Step 4: Remove battery for storage. 


The Classroom Emergency Preparedness Kit

The SafeCeiver was originally designed to make classrooms safer. The way this works is that we have put together a classroom emergency preparedness kit that we simply call the Evac Pack. An Evac Pack goes in each classroom. In the event of an emergency, teachers are instructed to pick up their Evac Pack, insert their earpieces, and follow the instructions given by school administrators.


The Evac Pack includes the bag with your school's logo on it, the SafeCeiver device, an earpiece, a first aid kit,  an alert whistle, a LED flashlight, and a clipboard with a roster of each student's name and contact information on it. It is lightweight, making it easily portable in case the classroom needs to be evacuated. The SafeCeiver is battery operated, so communications will not be interrupted in the case of inclement weather or power outages.


How To Purchase

Our goal is to help keep children safe by providing better tools for teachers and school administrators to use in emergency situations. Because of this, we are glad to give free, on-site, no-obligation demonstrations of our product. To schedule a demo, please call us at (866) 218-9051 or contact us online.


Alternatively, you can purchase the SafeCeiver device, the Evac Pack, and additional accessories by visiting our online store.


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