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The SafeCeiver is perfect for use in sports, event management, security, and rescue services.The SafeCeiver is a one-way radio device with multiple receivers — perfect for the discreet dissemination of private information, instructions, or updates from one central source to many recipients simultaneously. Whether you need a communication solution for emergency situations or you simply need to communicate privately with multiple personnel at one time, the SafeCeiver system is what you're looking for.


Other applications for the SafeCeiver include event security, weather and marine, fire and rescue, or even non-emergency situations such as communication from coaches to athletes. The SafeCeiver is available as part of an emergency kit, but the individual components are also available for purchase through our online store if you need a more customizable solution.


If you need a communication solution for an application like the ones mentioned here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We have other products available and we will be glad to work with you to develop a solution that will work for you. Also, we would be happy to provide a free, no-obligation, on-site demonstration if you want more information. Simply contact us online or by calling (866) 218-9051.


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SafeCeiver provides police and security officers access to local department communications. Arrive on scene and immediately monitor facilities emergency radio traffic. From mutual aid to utility services, be informed with SafeCeiver.


Need to coach players in real time? SafeCeiver provides a cost-effective way to keep everyone on their toes without weighing down individuals with bulky equipment. Wearing a device that is smaller than a pager will give your athletes a winning edge without hindering their performance. Your players will forget they have one on until you send them information!


Whether you're managing an event, providing security, or simply need a way to communicate with event participants, the SafeCeiver is the ideal solution to getting your instructions, directions, and updates to an unlimited number of receivers. The opportunities are endless for applications where SafeCeiver can keep your event running smoothly and safely.

Fire and Rescue

Time is never on our side but having instant information can mean the difference between life and death. SafeCeiver will give you information that can be relayed to multiple units simultaneously with endless configurations. Be in the know when and where it counts.

Weather and Marine

From ship mates to dock workers, SafeCeiver allows you to get your commands to everyone in any adverse condition. V25 and EU25 models contain the NOAA weather broadcast and marine VHF radio channels.


SafeCeiver units combined with noise cancelling headphones allow your employees or guests to hear in any environment. SafeCeiver works in desolate areas where only two-way radio communications are possible. Give work or tour information to multiple groups at the same time.

To see what frequencies our SafeCeivers support, please visit our Supported Frequencies page.