SEV25 SafeCeiver


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SafeCeiver is an economical means of providing one-way communication to teachers, staff, and visitors to discreetly distribute information....


SafeCeiver is an economical means of providing one-way communication to teachers, instructors, staff, and visitors, providing discreet operational commands or instructional information. This listen-only device allows those in charge, to stay in charge, of all radio communications.



SafeCeiver is designed to allow the user to select and store up to five frequencies and monitor or scan them discreetly with the use of any standard 3.5mm earpiece. It is pre-programmed with 2500 Channel VHF (151.000-163.4950 MHz 2-way Radio frequencies) separated at 5KHz per channel.




  • • Includes battery, instructions, and holder clip with 1-year limited warranty. No infrastructure equipment to purchase!
  • • Pre-programmed with the most commonly used FCC licensed UHF and VHF business, commercial, and government channels
  • • 4-button operation
  • • Allows user to select up to 5 frequencies and monitor or scan those channels
  • • Never loses stored or operating channels
  • • Operates on 1 AAA battery up to 20 hours
  • • Capable of charging AAA, NiCd, or NiMh battery
  • • Uses 3.5mm stereo or mono standard speaker plug
  • • Earpiece Activated: Unit will power on/off when earpiece is inserted/removed
  • • Quiet Squelch Control eliminates unwanted static
  • • Signal receive indicator



  • • 5 storable/scanning Channels
  • • Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz
  • • Sensitivity: less than 0.15uV
  • • 3.5mm standard audio/charging port
  • • Audio Output: 70mA
  • • SafeCeiver belt clip holder
  • • AAA - 1.5vdc battery operation


Operating Instructions

Click here for operating instructions


Warranty Information

Our SafeCeivers have a 2-year limited warranty that excludes physical damage.


Supported Frequencies

To see what frequencies our SafeCeivers support, please visit our Supported Frequencies page.

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